Mavericks/Haswell Kernel Patch for Early Reboot

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One of the big changes for mach_kernel in OS X Mavericks is the relocation of CPU power management into the kernel (for Haswell only). What used to happen in AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext, now happens in the kernel. Since this kernel writes to potentially locked MSRs, this can be a problem for computers where the BIOS cannot be patched, or simply where the owner of the computer does not want to patch the BIOS. But since Apple did not include the code to XCPM (XNU CPU Power Management) in the sources provided for the 10.9 kernel, if you build mach_kernel from sources, the XCPM code and thus the code writing to locked MSRs is not included. I wrote about this initially when I discovered it while trying to get Mavericks running on a Haswell-based HP laptop. See here:

As mentioned in that post, my reason for building the kernel myself was to…

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We have added a new page to the Pure Truculence blog, friendlyLinux, for friends of Queer1 and Shwoognation HQ to learn about usiing any of the ***nix Operating Systems and shed the shackles of Windows.


Also Post your “Pure Truculence Blog” and “Queer1’s Truculent Trollops” logo ideas.  We still need to settle on a REAL logo.


And anyone wanting to see my take on the Hawkeye Initiative should post pictures of their suggestions for me to try to Artify.  Challenge me.  I like it. 

How to choose the right iOS app for your note taking needs


Penultimate syncs with Evernote and i Love it, also Bamboo Paper is great

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There are many different ways you can capture a thought or idea when using your iPhone or iPad. Some apps like Day One behave more like a journal, keeping things in order by date. Other apps like Appigo’s Todo allow you to track your daily tasks by checking items off a list. There are even apps that can help you organize your thoughts like MindNode.

There are so many options available that finding a simple note taking app to suits your needs can be a challenge. The following list highlights apps that distinguish themselves with a certain key feature:

Note App Feature List

Popular choices

Notes – The default notes app that comes standard issue on both iOS and OS X, the Notes app, relies on support from your email provider. But not all email providers support notes as a feature of their email service. Many email providers treat notes as nothing…

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So I wanna Try this – – – – – This should be fun

So I wanna Try this - - - - - This should be fun

Has anybody seen any of these?? Its part of the hawkeye initiative. Something about women being offended by some of the absurd poses that female comic characters are drawn in. I think its awesome, might even inspire comic artists to center on the sexiness of the boys. I mean really it would be nice to see our male heroes (and Villains), especially the actually gay ones, looking sexier, and why not take away most of the clothes and leave em barely there. Look here at the AMAZING ass on Hawkeye.

I by far am not a great artist, but have often surprised myself with some of the stuff I’ve come up with. So, i think I’m gonna try a few of these. To my understanding the general theme is Male heroes in the absurd poses of the women(which we all know there are many). But nothing is absolutely concrete. Send me suggestions and I’ll see what i come up with.

Bubblegum Screw “Filthy! Rich! Lolitas!”

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BubblegumScewFRL London-based glam punk/garage rock’n’roll with a big love for leopard print! Even though they get influenced by British punk rock such as The CLASH (“Tura Satana”, “First Against The Wall”), BUBBLEGUM SCREW seems to be more influenced by the early American punk rock’n’roll scene, “Second Class Citizen” and “Lolita” almost sound like DEAD BOYS songs (Mark Thorn’s vocals really help with that), and the title “Play Some Fucking Stooges” should be clear enough for all of you! Quite a good tribut to Iggy’s band. The ghost of the RAMONES is also wandering around (“I Wanna Fuck You So Much It Hurts Me”) at times.
The production of these 12 songs is raw, but well, in these “over-produced pro-tools” days, I won’t complain about that, especially when it doesn’t affect the quality and energy of the songs (“Glam Rock Doll” or the 60s garage influenced “Uncensor Myself”…)
Unlike many British bands…

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Spit Like This – Dead To Me Now video

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Hey vamps,
Check out this awesome bloody video by the amazing Spit Like This for Dead To Me Now!

If you don’t know who Spit Like this are, well then you’ve been living under a rock haven’t you?
It’s about time you came out from under that rock and check them out.
Penthouse, Germany called them: “The UK’s weirdest export since Monty Python” Nov 2013, they’re also “The bastard child between Mötley Crüe & Motörhead” (it says so in their bio!)
For more of Spit Like This:
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Fundable Acquires LaunchRock To Combine Crowdfunding And User Acquisition

Originally posted on TechCrunch: , an equity crowdfunding platform for businesses (including startups), just announced that it has acquired LaunchRock .

LaunchRock, as the name implies, was initially focused on helping startups create launch pages to acquire users, though it eventually expanded its product to cover other aspects of finding and building a relationship with users. Both Will Schroter (founder and CEO of Fundable) and Jameson Detweiler (founder of LaunchRock) said LaunchRock will continue to exist as a separate product, but they see big opportunities for integration as well.

“The focus of LaunchRock has always been to capture startups at the idea phase and build a tremendous following for them,” Schroter said, while Detweiler noted that crowdfunding comes in later: “You have to have more of a real business.” In other words, someone with a cool idea could “prove demand” (Detweiler’s words) with LaunchRock, then if they need more funding to build a…

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Chrysalis, or The Reinvention of Csero – Glam 2 the Core

Well Last year was interesting to say the least.  From faux soul searching, to adult adoption, coming hard on to ACTUAL soul searching, Narcissism takes center stage and i have decided to re-invent myself.  On the surface of course, the depths of the warm glow of my annihilating contempt remain an everlasting part of me.  Now you may wonder what it matters, or why you should care.  Frankly, I don’t give a rats ass.  However, I am asking for your input.  Yes, as a personal mission and social experiment, I have taken it upon you, the readers and randoms who come by, to play a pivotal role in my attempt at nipping mid-life in the bud.


As the last decade of my life draws to a close, I remember so many things I wanted to do.  Mostly trivial and entirely self-serving, but others, well… Suffice it to say I’ve never wanted to be “Normal”, its just so boring.  Now before you start arguing with me in your head, let me iterate that “Normal” is subjective and progressive.  If everybody is someone else’s wierdo, and in contrast if every normal person is a freak’s freak then it can be hypothesized that: Everybody is weird, Everybody is Normal, and Everybody Is a freak.  Given that, and the last few years insurgence of “Out and proud” GLBT Celebrities and icons, I have decided that I am gonna do what I’ve Always wanted to do, and evolve my former church boy-turned hippy Jesus-turned Truculent bitch of a self into the Spike-Heeled-Hair-Band-80’s Glam-Techno-slutTastrophy i have always wanted to be.

Being a Gay man I have always had a love of High heels…..Ahhhh heels…..In the words of an old friend “The bigger the hair, the closer to god.”  No, somehow that doesn’t sound right.  Hows about “If leather and lace are extacy, then Heels and big hair are my nirvana.”  Eh… that’ll do.  At least you get the gist.  So In my attempt to do “ME” despite whatever might (and probably will) happen, I am calling on all of you.  Makeup challenges, Fashion Advice, musical inspiration.   Mold me into a Punkadelic-Glitter washed-ozone depleting- sex clown  that embodies David Bowie, Dave Navarro, Slade, Johnny McGovern, Stevie Nicks, Rupaul, JEffree Star, CAzwell, Pioson, Cinderella, Black Veil Brides, and everyone else who can be grouped with these envelope pushing icons.


Wanna know more???  Leave a reply so i can self-gratifyingly discuss my plan to take over the world by Blood-spattered, glitter covered, shattered disco ball storm.


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