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New pricing, features revealed: DVR for cord cutters will retail for $250

Gigaom hasn’t said a whole lot about its upcoming second-generation DVR for cord cutters, except for saying that it will go on sale later this year and that the hardware is being manufactured by Silicondust — but a product page on just revealed some key details:

The revamped DVR will go on sale on December 12, and come with a $250 sticker price. However, Newegg is offering customers a pre-order price of $200, suggesting that the $250 may not be set in stone.

simpletv packaging

The device, coming with the model name “STV2-2US,” will have two tuners. The description on says that it will be able to stream up to five channels simultaneously, which is a bit funny math — but it may just mean that you can watch recordings or live video feeds on up to five devices at the same time. will make these streams available on…

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Making 128MB SIMMs From Junk



Working for a tech repair/recycling center, [Jax] has access to a ton of cool hardware. Most of it is junk, but that’s just the way he likes it. Among his better finds in the depths of a tech treasure trove is a huge antistatic bag of 64 MB 72 pin SIMMs. These were the standard RAM form factor for just about everything in the 90s, and while 64 MB is a huge amount of RAM for the time, they’re still a bit away from the 72 pin max of 128 MB.

After inspecting these sticks, [Jax] noticed something odd. Each side had pads for memory chips, but only one side was populated. Given the rarity of 128 MB sticks of RAM, [Jax] decided he would have a go at adding 64 Megs of RAM to these chips by desoldering one stick and sticking it on the back of another.


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As Twitter preps to go public, a look back at the performance of recent web IPOs (chart)


The most anticipated social media IPO since Facebook, Twitter will be priced at $17-$20 a share when it launches on the NYSE under the symbol TWTR in November. However, a stock’s initial share price doesn’t necessarily reflect how that stock will perform over time. Take a look, for example, at some recent social-mediaish IPOs compared to how their stock is doing now.

[dataset id=”709068″]

LinkedIn (s LNKD) set its initial public offering at $45 a share and is now worth $243.20, while Facebook (s FB), which IPOd at $38, originally dipped but then rose steadily to its current $52 a share. Groupon (s GRPN), which started near where Twitter is expected at $20, now is only worth $9.6.

As for how Twitter does, we’ll have to wait and see.

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Show me the money: Advertising and the internet of things


As we connect more devices to the internet and invest in wearables that have limited screen space or no screen space at all, big brands accustomed to grabbing our attention on phones and social media are pondering what connected devices mean for their ad efforts. There are two options they need to consider: The incredibly intimate data they can glean from connected devices (a scale that knows you’re on a diet, for example) and how to use these platforms to put their brands front and center.

I’m hopeful most advertisers realize a banner ad isn’t going to make the transition to Google Glass or a smart watch, but Zach Coelius, the CEO and founder of Triggit, laid out a good way of thinking about the way to advertise on connected devices. He envisions a spectrum, where at one end are the interruptive interstitial ads or television commercials that users…

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Learn Wireless Sensor Networks With Nanode



Getting a device on the internet is great – but what if you want to monitor multiple wireless sensors? The [WickedDevice] crew have been publishing a tutorial series focusing on just that. Their weapon of choice is the Nanode, an Arduino based wireless sensor system we’ve seen a few times in the past. So far the first and second parts have been posted up. Part one starts with an explanation of the Arduino and Nanode platform, and takes us through connecting the Nanode to a wireless temperature sensor. Part two walks through the hardware and code changes to add multiple wireless sensors to the system. Part three will focus on getting the entire network up on the internet, and piping data onto the Xively data hosting site.

This tutorial does begin a bit on the basic side, covering the installation of the Arduino software environment. This…

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Domain Experts Requested with No Technical Co-Founder

David Cummings on Startups

One of the ongoing questions in the startup world is around the importance of having a technical co-founder. The idea is that by having a strong technical person on the founding team, the startup will be able to move faster, make more intelligent architectural decisions, and build a better product. Several days ago PandoDaily published an article about Quotidian Ventures and their focus on “founders who have domain expertise in large, opaque old school industries.”

I agree that having a technical co-founder is great, but is no longer a requirement. Here are a few reasons why it isn’t as important as it used to be:

  • Cloud computing, and specifically Amazon Web Services, are much better understood and have more ready-to-use scripts and tools that remove many of the previous challenges
  • Languages and frameworks, like Ruby on Rails, have significantly reduced the learning curve to not only get up-and-running…

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