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Domains… What do I Do Next? A Q&A Discussion

This is exactly what it sounds like.  You have taken advantage of the many offers online for a cheap or free domain name.  But What’s next?  What about if your domains are at several different registrars? What if only one account has hosting?  What software do you use to manage all of your domains? Can you use a domain name on your home network? How?  These are only some of my questions.  Post yours and lets see what answers we come up with.

Here’s a little more info on me.  I have a Mac running OS X Server.  I have several domains, everything from TLDs (Top Level Domains) to subdomains at nearly 30 different domain registrars, few of these have hosting attached, and even fewer offer hosting or multiple domains.  What can i do to manage all of my domains from my mac?  What free options are there (not attached to paid accounts) for my use?  Anything will be helpful.  I a not new to domains exactly, but I am new to the idea of managing them all in one spot.  I could really use anyones EXPERTISE on this matter, and I’m sure there are many others like me.

Lets help each other.

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Puerto Seguro shares facility success story
For many contributors to the Puerto Seguro Safe Harbor what activities and services are offered is unclear. Most contributors know that what we do is essential for our clients’ well being, but little is revealed about our clientele itself. Who do we serve, how frequent do the clients in need visit the facility, and possibly most important, does the service provided really help and improve the lives of the people served.
We know Puerto Seguro Safe Harbor provides solid assists to help people turn their lives around, but generally when things get better for someone they don’t let us know, or only do so verbally.
We hope the letter reproduced below will be of real interest to all contributors:
To: Dwayne Baker
I would like to take the time to thank you and the entire staff for your overwhelming generosity and support I have received throughout the years. Over the last couple of years I have utilized your laundry facilities, lunch program, food box program and clothing. Also just recently you were nice enough to give me gas money so I was able to get my state certification to be a certified nursing assistant. Your generosity throughout the years has helped out with my basic needs as well as my self-esteem and dignity. Once again. I would not be where I am today without you and your facility.
Mark Montano
Clearly, this is a success story for everybody. Contributors and volunteers should feel good knowing that your help made such a fine letter (and success story) possible.
As we approach winter, we are experiencing very heavy demands. The Socorro Electric is taking a very difficult position regarding cutting off service to delinquent subscribers. Heating and other basic utilities are being threatened. Plus the number of services supplied last month was over 20 percent more than a year ago…more folks in need.
We need your help and if you fine folks are moved to financially help PSI-Safe Harbor you would be helping many like Mark Montano. Just mail your check to Puerto Seguro Safe Harbor, P.O. Box 1433, Socorro, 87801.
Bill Bottorf
Treasurer, PSI-Safe Harbor

A very good friend of mine, attests to the good deeds done in this small town by a small group of exceptionally extraordinary people .  El Puerto Seguro reminds us to never forget the less fortunate.

Puerto Seguro s…

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Nails aflame with wondrous colors of life, every month. Become A Maven NOW!!!!

Nails aflame with wondrous colors of life. Every month?

Hey girlies, girly-boys, and anyone with an enamel fetish!  Do you want to liven your life with every color under the sun, and even some from around the ever expansive and amazingly beautiful universe?  Well do I have a deal for you.

Julep, is a Washington state based company bringing you a technicolor dream of hues and shades that will bring a tear to your eye every month for an extremely reasonable price.  For just under $20 a month they will send you 3 brand new shades from their carefully curated and expansive collection of nail polishes sure to make you scream.

It all starts with the Style Maven Quiz, which analyzes your personal style.  Each Maven collection is an amazing spray of the best and brightest trends in color.  Whats more?  Your first box is free!!!!

Bitches, why are you still here?  Become a Style Maven and paint the town in whatever color takes your fancy each and every day.

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