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Make a record player

anybody know how i can make a working record player from cardboard and an old cd drive?

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ArtRage: Painting Title_001

One of my ArtRage Paintings: Painting Title_001

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A $100 Stereolithography 3D Printer


The Hackaday tip line has been blowing up with a new Kickstarter for a 3D printer. Although this is a pretty common occurrence around here, this printer is actually very interesting: it’s quite possibly the simplest and cheapest laser resin printer ever.

Most of the 3D resin printers we’ve seen, like the Form1 use mechanical means to raise a print up to the next slice. At $100, the Peachy printer doesn’t have the budget for such luxuries as servos or motors, so the layer height is increased by dripping salt water over the liquid resin. The X and Y axes are controlled with mirrors and voice coils, allowing this printer’s electronics to be controlled by a computer’s sound card. It’s really amazing in its simplicity, and from the looks of it the Peachy can produce some fairly good prints.

For a great explanation of how the Peachy printer works, you…

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Glam Rock 101

DJ Clay's History of Rock

It’s easy, when talking about glam rock, to concentrate on the fashion. The sparkle of sequence, the leather pants, the men in make-up, was all so… shocking.  It was all supposed to be. But in the end, all the camp and showmanship was distracting from some fantastic music. Glam rock borrowed everything from 50’s rock n’ roll revival to art rock of the late sixties. It was high concept and lowbrow. It was dancable and sexy; everything rock and roll is supposed to be.

Enjoy the Glam Rock 101 mix tape here on 8tracks
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Glam Rock 101 Track List:
1. Rebel Rebel – David Bowie
2. Children of the Revolution – T. Rex
3. White Light/ White Heat – The Velvet Underground
4. Baby’s On Fire – Brian Eno
5. All the Young Dudes – Mott…

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MY all time FAV❤Kazaky❤(also known as The Boys in Heels) is a Ukrainian all-male dance group, made up originally of Kyryll Fedorenko, Artur Gaspar, Stas Pavlov and Oleg Zhezhel.”(◉_◉)”

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Kazaky – Dance And Change (Official Video)

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Meet Les Romanesques: The most famous Japanese people in France



This is Tobi and Miya. Together they make up the music duo, Les Romanesques, whose intriguing stage performances have made them a huge hit in France. Their appearance on France’s Got Talent became the most watched YouTube video in all of France, and the 4th most watched video worldwide. Since then, they’ve appeared in French TV commercials for Mazda, and even helped promote the Paris International Film Festival with Jane Fonda and the Mayor of Paris. Their entertaining performances and music videos have just the right mix of talent and zany Japanese appeal that’s got audiences around the world asking for more.

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Lou Reed dies at 71

...And All That Art

It is always with a pang that you learn the death of one of your favourite musicians, because, through lyrics or melodies that have moved you, somehow, you have the impression you have known them for a while. The fact that I am a massive classic rock fan is quite problematic: as years go by, I recurrently hear about the death of a particular songwriter or performer I appreciate. This was the case with Ray Manzarek a couple of months ago.

But with Lou Reed, this is entirely different. Velvet Underground founder and the author of many cult records like Transformer, Lou Reed’s violent lyrics about drug abuse and sexuality were of particular significance to me during my teenage years. I discovered Lou Reed thanks to my mother, who likes him even more than Bowie. With the compilation album Retro, she drew my attention towards ‘Caroline Says’ I and…

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Liner Notes: In Memory of Lou Reed 1942-2013


Browse & purchase this albumPerfect Day – Lou Reed (1972)
Lou Reed was a ground-breaking American musician and photographer who made a name for himself as founder of the Velvet Underground in the late 60’s. Despite their lack of mainstream commercial or sustained success, the band’s distinctive work elevated them to cult status. Reed went on to have a successful solo career during the 70’s, leveraging his poetic songwriting talent and sexually-ambiguous persona. In 1987, Reed reunited with VU co-founder John Cale, and they toured sporadically well into the 90’s. And VU were inducted into the Rock & Hall of Fame in 1996. Reed continued to be a prolific producer & contributor for fellow musicians well into the 2000’s, but also presented & published his own photography. Earlier this year, Reed underwent a liver transplant. He died earlier today at age 71.

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Have you heard of Foxy Shazam?

Music by Missy



If you haven’t, now you have. I discovered this band at a Vans Warped Tour in 2011 and I have been in love with them ever since. Their music instantly puts you into a good mood no matter how you feel, whether it be the bizarre lyrics or the undeniable catchiness of their songs. When I first heard of them their latest album was Foxy Shazam which was released in 2010. Since then they’ve released another album The Church of Rock and Roll in 2012.

If you just look at a picture of them you would instantly be curious to check them out, even if you haven’t heard their music. The lead singer, Eric Nally, resembles Freddie Mercury not only physically but also his vocal style. In his album covers and music videos you will find him looking flamboyant and flashy wearing a wig, with faux- freckles on his…

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