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Chrysalis, or The Reinvention of Csero – Glam 2 the Core

Well Last year was interesting to say the least.  From faux soul searching, to adult adoption, coming hard on to ACTUAL soul searching, Narcissism takes center stage and i have decided to re-invent myself.  On the surface of course, the depths of the warm glow of my annihilating contempt remain an everlasting part of me.  Now you may wonder what it matters, or why you should care.  Frankly, I don’t give a rats ass.  However, I am asking for your input.  Yes, as a personal mission and social experiment, I have taken it upon you, the readers and randoms who come by, to play a pivotal role in my attempt at nipping mid-life in the bud.


As the last decade of my life draws to a close, I remember so many things I wanted to do.  Mostly trivial and entirely self-serving, but others, well… Suffice it to say I’ve never wanted to be “Normal”, its just so boring.  Now before you start arguing with me in your head, let me iterate that “Normal” is subjective and progressive.  If everybody is someone else’s wierdo, and in contrast if every normal person is a freak’s freak then it can be hypothesized that: Everybody is weird, Everybody is Normal, and Everybody Is a freak.  Given that, and the last few years insurgence of “Out and proud” GLBT Celebrities and icons, I have decided that I am gonna do what I’ve Always wanted to do, and evolve my former church boy-turned hippy Jesus-turned Truculent bitch of a self into the Spike-Heeled-Hair-Band-80’s Glam-Techno-slutTastrophy i have always wanted to be.

Being a Gay man I have always had a love of High heels…..Ahhhh heels…..In the words of an old friend “The bigger the hair, the closer to god.”  No, somehow that doesn’t sound right.  Hows about “If leather and lace are extacy, then Heels and big hair are my nirvana.”  Eh… that’ll do.  At least you get the gist.  So In my attempt to do “ME” despite whatever might (and probably will) happen, I am calling on all of you.  Makeup challenges, Fashion Advice, musical inspiration.   Mold me into a Punkadelic-Glitter washed-ozone depleting- sex clown  that embodies David Bowie, Dave Navarro, Slade, Johnny McGovern, Stevie Nicks, Rupaul, JEffree Star, CAzwell, Pioson, Cinderella, Black Veil Brides, and everyone else who can be grouped with these envelope pushing icons.


Wanna know more???  Leave a reply so i can self-gratifyingly discuss my plan to take over the world by Blood-spattered, glitter covered, shattered disco ball storm.


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