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Domains… What do I Do Next? A Q&A Discussion

This is exactly what it sounds like.  You have taken advantage of the many offers online for a cheap or free domain name.  But What’s next?  What about if your domains are at several different registrars? What if only one account has hosting?  What software do you use to manage all of your domains? Can you use a domain name on your home network? How?  These are only some of my questions.  Post yours and lets see what answers we come up with.

Here’s a little more info on me.  I have a Mac running OS X Server.  I have several domains, everything from TLDs (Top Level Domains) to subdomains at nearly 30 different domain registrars, few of these have hosting attached, and even fewer offer hosting or multiple domains.  What can i do to manage all of my domains from my mac?  What free options are there (not attached to paid accounts) for my use?  Anything will be helpful.  I a not new to domains exactly, but I am new to the idea of managing them all in one spot.  I could really use anyones EXPERTISE on this matter, and I’m sure there are many others like me.

Lets help each other.

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iWork ’09, iLife ’09 and Aperture 3 get NEW Full Updates thanks to bug/loophole. Mac users delighted.

On Tuesday, Mac users were delighted to find that Mavericks would be free for a ton of mac users, even those on some of the extremely old versions of OS X.  In their keynote address, Apple also announced that iWork would be free on all new iOS 7 devices.  I didn’t finish watching the keynote, but i didn’t notice anything about these apps on Mavericks.  However it was safe to assume that if you purchased an Apple computer since 2011 when iLife became a standard installation for OS X, and that was true.

Yesterday Mac users were again surprised to find that those who had “Unofficial”, DVD, or Trial versions of iWork and Aperture installed on their computers were able to update/upgrade to the new versions on the App Store ABSOLUTELY FREE!  WOO HOO!!!!!!! This sure as hell made MY day.  It also seems that Apple is not worried about users getting these apps free, because there isn’t any random patch being thrown at us disguised as a critical update to block the hacked/kracked copies of these apps.  Nobody is complaining about this.

As far as I’ve read online there are a few chinks in this otherwise perfect chain of loopholes/bugs, and have run into a few minor inconveniences myself.  All of iWork as well as Garageband installed themselves alongside their older versions.  This is minor since I can delete the old versions.    Another snag is that Final Cut Pro isn’t part of this loophole/upgrade which I find odd being that Aperture is one of those apps in that price range. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but will later on today, I had deleted it a while back when I found i didn’t use it as much as I’d hoped, but some users are reporting being to upgrade that as well.  

Oh and I have working full-version non-cracked DMG versions of iWork ’09 and Aperture 3 that i will upload and post the links to asap.  I installed all of these apps from these DMGs so I know they work with this bug. 

I will keep everyone updated on this. So keep checking us bitches!!!!!

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